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Some of the documents we translate include:


  • Technical manuals

  • Medical, clinical research and healthcare

  • Legal and trade agreements

  • Business & financial statements

  • Research reports

  • Marketing, advertising & public relations

  • Magazine & newspaper articles

  • Scientific & technical articles



Multilingual DTP


You may require translation of brochures, technical manuals or fliers which have been designed in an artwork package such as InDesign, Quark or Illustrator.


The length and appearance of your text can change when translated but you need the finished design to look as good as the original. Because we have expert graphic designers working alongside our linguists, we can ensure consistent design and presentation for all your multilingual materials - retaining clear corporate and functional identity.


Our dedicated desktop publishing (DTP) and design teams work with a broad range of PC and Mac packages and can adjust layout, graphics and banner sizes to retain the look of the original document. We can also work with different character sets, including Urdu, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.




Transcription is the process of converting spoken language into written language, usually from a recorded audio. The difficulty of such a task should not be underestimated. The transcriber must not only have an expert command of the language they are working in, but must also be able to decipher the speaker's tone, clarity and intended meaning, not to mention inserting appropriate punctuation and grammar.


Idea Blaze extensive network of language professionals include many of the leading transcriptionists with expertise in a variety of subjects from medical and legal to business interviews and oral histories etc. Furthermore, we specialize in a variety of European, Asian and Indian languages.

Voiceovers & Dubbing

Idea Blaze has the expertise to produce the high-quality materials that you require, no matter what the language. 


For voice-overs (dubbing) or subtitling of films, television commercials, IVRS prompts, or corporate training videos, we hire native speakers who are professionally trained and experienced at recording voice-overs. We can provide voice-over talent in over 40 languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and we will arrange a studio for all your recording needs. Foreign language audio and video tapes can also be transcribed and translated onto hard copy or electronic files.


Typesetting & Graphics

Our experienced translators, editors and desktop publishers work as a team to produce the desired document in several software programs including:


  • Adobe PageMaker

  • Corel Draw

  • Corel Ventura
  • FrameMaker
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Interleaf
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel)
  • Photoshop
  • QuarkXpress

Idea Blaze offers a range of text services for corporate videos, movies, DVDs, games, advertisements and other media. We provide translation and subtitling for a variety of media that accurately match the source language, while being cognizant of any idioms, cultural sensitivities or opportunities that might lead to misunderstanding.

Our subtitling experts are highly experienced in their respective areas of specialization. We are familiar with all the major video formats including HDCAM, DVCAM, DigiBeta and Beta SP.

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